Wellness Solutions for Hospitality
The way spas are being viewed and used has evolved over the centuries and today they are attracting both leisure and business travellers. Spas now are considered as havens for wellness and leisure experience, which provide treatments and services that promote physical and men... Read More
May-June 17
For Success Amidst Competition
Will 2017 be a year of impressive growth for the Indian hospitality industry is a relevant question which needs to be examined in depth. The industry is today facing not a very promising... Read More
Marketing Hospitality on Social Media
Nowadays social media has gained much importance in not only the virtual space, but also in our real lives. It also represents impressive market momentum, which is perhaps only expected ... Read More
Finding Revenue Concepts from F&B
Ask hoteliers in the Indian hospitality industry that which departments in the hotel generates maximum revenues and most likely they will cite that rooms and food and beverage department... Read More
Discover Your Healthy Self
Give your body, mind and soul an uplifting experience that is deep and meaningful as you indulge yourself into the holistic world of wellness at the Healthy Self Health Club, housed with... Read More
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