Security and Risk Management in Hotels
Security and risk management have become an important part of the hospitality industry today, particularly after the 9/11 US and 26/11 Mumbai attacks. November brings back the memories of the havoc created by terrorists in Mumbai 10 years ago. On completion of a decade of the das... Read More
Nov-Dec 18
Relation Between Room Pricing and Revenue
Success of a hotel depends, to a large extent on pricing, particularly of rooms. A well-designed hotel pricing strategy can do wonders by giving a strong push to the hotel revenues. How you ... Read More
Reflections of Green Hospitality
With the threat of global warming, extensive air and water pollution and fast depletion of non renewable energy sources looming over us, luxury without environmental responsibility has trans... Read More
Food Trends During 2018
From organic and sustainable food to local and regional delicacies, 2018 has been a huge year for food trends in India’s food service industry.... Read More
Fitness for Hospitality
With the growing health consciousness, fitness consciousness is also rising in urban Indian society. The need for visiting gyms has become more pronounced among the upper echelons of urban I... Read More
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